Amalgamation is a two piece collection designed for Fashion at Brown's annual Spring Show in March of 2022. This is the first collection I worked on with another co-designer on Fashion at Brown's design team. Working on the bat top and pants for the model pictured to the left, I further explored concept to clothing techniques to create my unique creative vision.
This collection celebrates the intersection of apparel design techniques and technology, exploring how the two can be combined to create unique designs. For the bat top, I used Adobe Illustrator to create a unique bat design for the front of the top and a trail of four smaller bats flying along the bottom of the back of the top. Using the files I created, I was able to laser print my designs onto the fabric, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of fusing apparel design and technology. This sparked my interest in further exploring the ways technology and fashion can be intertwined.
These designs were later displayed in Styleweek, New England's premier fashion event in October of 2022. Having the opportunity to create designs on my own developed my problem solving abilities in apparel design, and built on my passion to continue exploring creative expression through apparel.
More photos below.