As an event coordinator and creative curator for Small Victories,  I hosted an event titled LustY2K on February 10th, 2023. This event celebrated the iconic style of the 2000s and the  unapologetic maximalist aesthetic of Y2K apparel. This fashion forward event was reminiscent of early 2000s club culture, with the Poler Bears' pole dancing creating an impassioned club atmosphere along with red lighting and smoke machines. 
I created the concept for the event, the marketing strategy,  organized a promotional photoshoot, and organized all logistical aspects of the event with the Small Victories team.  Additionally, I curated all creative talent including a Houston and Providence based rapper Prettyboyworldwyde, the Poler Bears, multimedia artist DJ Paneer, and Rhode Island School of Design electronic duo Select All Vertical Rivers. I also DJed this event as a part of the duo  I am a part of, titled SINERGY.
LustY2K sold over 450 tickets with 350 attendees, which made for a very successful event. Taking the lead on coordinating with all creative talent and effectively marketing and promoting a concept of my creation gave the ability to develop my leadership skills with a team while executing my creative vision. Below are images of the event and content we created to market the LustY2K cohesively working alongside talented graphic designers and photographers.
More photos below.