Nocturnality is the title of the  10 piece collection I conceptualized that included this look.  The collection builds on gothic motifs and bat references that inspired the first look I fully created, titled Amalgamation. Nocturnality explores structured silhouettes through contemporary tailoring techniques. Finding a lot of inspiration from the outdoors, I hoped to translate openness and freedom at night with bat motifs into the collection. The photographed piece was created for my final for a Junior Tailoring Studio course I dual-enrolled in at the Rhode Island School of Design. I created the blazer and dress pants photographed from April 2023 to May 2023.   
I created the patterns for my custom double breasted jacket and dress pants. These patterns included fusible interfacing for hems and panels of the jacket along with an interior lining for the jacket. The sharp creases in the dress pants and exaggerated lapels connect to the rigidity seen in caves that bats live in along with the form of bats themselves. Using a shimmery black lining, I hoped to highlight how light interacts with the natural world. Using snaps to secure the jacket from the inside of the front panel of the jacket, I hoped to create a sleek finish that complemented the creases in the dress pants.
This piece gave me stronger insight into the process of tailoring, through comprehensive patterning, drafting, and construction techniques.
More photos of my created look and sketches of the collection below.