Building on my passion of exploring the ways technology and hardware can be used to create art, I was inspired to make a wind chime that uses a human's pulse to move its interior chime block. This installation was created using Arduino, a pulse sensor, a servo motor, laser cut acrylic, various sizes of metal chimes and string. The pulse chime was created in November of 2022.
The open-sourced Arduino software and hardware allowed for me to create a circuit that detected a pulse from the pulse sensor and sent a random value to the servo motor, making it rotate to a different degree each time a new pulse was detected. This allowed for the pulse chime to simulate the sound a wind chime makes when the wind blows, as the interior chime block randomly moves.
This developed my experience in creating physical art installations using both  hardware and software technology. I am curious about finding more ways to fuse Arduino and circuitry into making art installations that can interface with a user.
More videos and photos below.